I remember when I used to think having an interchangeable life was a bliss. Fluidity to all identities. I could be you today and you could be me tomorrow.
I could go from being your friend to lover to someone you don’t know anymore.
And even though there’s a certain pattern to life now and everyone pats me on the back for being something that I didn’t think I’d be comfortable doing in my skin…
I miss it.
Nothing has begun for me. And it’s not going to end so soon.
I’ve just begun to realise my own potential in terms of how human intimacies work. And I shall not feel ashamed for wanting more.

Some of us are sad because we’re afraid we don’t know what to do with happiness.

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Clean out some space in the mental closet.

Cigarettes look so harmless but then again so did you

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Can’t stand people who let liquor do their talking- it’s 2014, there’s a lot of dignified ways to handle one’s alcohol.
People who still use alcohol as an excuse- stop drinking.

Rant over.